Aspiring Journalist

I found my passion through my pen and paper!  

Storyteller, content creator, gymaholic who loves food “balance baby” :) and always has plenty of space for desert to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Her eyes are always observing and thus she loves to write her own personal thoughts and reflections about life.

Some Life & Self Reflections:

I’m living the complete opposite of internal conflicts. I’m living in peace and stability and most importantly freedom. Like I’m free! Not in terms of self destruction but what i mean by freedom i mean the basic human necessities the basic hierarchy of having education being something and someone in the society. Having inner peace and cherishing it at all times. This chapter of my life is called “knowing my worth” and acting accordingly. No more settling for less. If i have a brain, i want it to be functional. If i have skills i want to use them. If i have talent i want to embrace it. Eventually your mind will believe what you continuously tell it. So tell it that you’re smart, talented, fearless, and you have what it takes. After telling it comes the actual actions of doing it. Bring all what you have to the table QUEEN!

As for my coping mechanisms and I don’t want to sound egotistical or arrogant here. I just want to state my personal experience and ways i cope to achieve positivity, goals and success in life and that is by being my own best friend, being my gym buddy, and ride or die, being everything for myself rather than relying on others to be that for me. I’m not against the thought of being social or having friends as they can indeed be helpful  throughout but to me keeping your circle small. My circle is so small to the point when i recieve a text notification, i know who it is. My personality confuses people, i enjoy being alone a lot. I feel productive and focused but I’m also social and outgoing with people i feel happy around. Sometimes I’m quiet, sometimes i’m full-throated, other times i just don’t have anything to say. I absorb the energy and alter 

The World is a Book and those who don't travel read only one page. SAINT AUGUSTINE

About Me

Hey there, my name is Sarah Bouri and I am  journalist based in Dubai, UAE. Born and raised in NYC with Moroccan origins, yet fate brought me and Dubai together. We can say that I simply love to travel and meet  people from different cultures.

B.A of Communication and information Studies from the American University in Dubai with a minor certificate in Middle Eastern Studies.   

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